Priority Mail Show at Ground Floor Gallery

Friday, July 20th – August 20, 2017

I have a drawing in this group exhibition. 

The Moon In Stereo-  ballpoint pen and markers on Lokta paper,  5" x 7",  2017 

The Moon In Stereo-  ballpoint pen and markers on Lokta paper,  5" x 7",  2017 

All the work, including this one, is available for $100 each. 

The opening reception will be Thursday, July 20th, 6-9pm.  You’re invited!

Ground Floor Gallery
343 5th Street (off 5th Avenue)
Brooklyn, New York City 11215
F, R or G train to 4 Ave – 9th Street

Contact: – 646.801.3338


Stone Canoe

The drawing Containment was published Stone Canoe, a journal of arts, literature and social commentary, issue number 11:

Print catalogue available

My very first professionally printed art catalogue!


This is a catalogue of selected drawings from my ever-expanding "Geometric Mandala" series. These are mainly works from 2013. Availible through If this goes well, I will publish a second volume.


Alrealon Musique Presents:

The Wire Magazine Compilation / The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music ":::From A to U:::" CD release party

Alrealon Wired show

Paintings by Robert Pepper and drawings by Camille Laoang

January 16th 2016, 7:30pm
Little Water Radio
192 Front Street
NY, NY 10038

This is the New York party in support of the Alrealon Musique compilation ::: From A to U ::: that will be included in the January 2016 issue of The Wire Magazine. The compilation was curated by Robert L. Pepper (Pas Musique) and Philippe Gerber (John 3:16)

Art show with: Jessica R. Pepper, Joan Hacker, Jim Tuite, Camille Laoang, Philippe Gerber

For more information please see their Facebook page.

Saltonstall Arts Colony

In terms of drawing, it's been a fruitful spring and summer. I had my very first residency this spring at the Saltonstall Art Colony in Ithaca, NY, a beautiful and peaceful place.

I LOVED having a large bright studio! There, I continued to work on two interrelated mandala series- the "geometric" and the "organic". Recent works from this (and last) year have finally been posted.

saltonstall studio

I even made some 3D mandalas for the open studio.

floor mandala

Several pieces from the Enantiodromia series and earlier works from the 2000's are now hanging on the walls of the office of Penn Plaza Dental Center, located at 2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY (212) 736-0670

What's next?
More drawings- larger mandalas, and I'm looking for places to show them. Also, I am looking into self-publishing a book of the Geometric Mandalas.

"Open (C)all" Registry exhibition

January 14- February 8, 2015

Gallery at BRIC House
647 Fulton Street (Enter on Rockwell Place)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

I will be showing for the first time, a drawing from a new series that cannot be seen on my website or anywhere else. This will be its public debut.

Esoteric Evolution (group show)

2015 January 9- February 9

Kasa Ecolety
Santo Domingo #588
Santiago, Chile

Opening- January 9, 2015

I will have 5 mandalas in this show along side artists including: Anne Percoco, Robert L. Pepper, Leonardo Casas, Adel Souto, Robin Storey and Jessica R. Pepper.

The material world is a facade of commercial illusions that are driven by esoteric principles. We live in a “Disney like world” which mask the real principles which literally shape the world. These principles are described in the teachings of numerous ancient mystery cults such as the Eleusians, the cult of Mithra, as well as the teachings of Plato and Pythagoris.
Our select artists illustrate these hidden concepts. Some work with the concept of the macrocosm/microcosm (Robin Storey), some work in the concepts of idolatry and psychological control (Adel Souto), some work with the concepts of idolatry and psychological control through media, (Leonardo Casas), some work with the concepts of technology that drive nature (Anne Percoco), some work with the concepts of sacred geometry (Camille Laoang), and some work with the allegorical meanings behind ancient symbolisms and text (Robert L. Pepper).

An exhibition of 124 bookmarks

November 1, 2014- November 29, 2014

Davis Public Library
6400 Democracy Blvd.
Bethesda, MD 20817

About the exhibition- During a visit to a library a few years ago, I wandered into the children’s section where I spotted some strips of light grey paper and a bowl of colorful circular confetti sitting on the librarian’s desk. They were obviously supplies for making bookmarks. Inspired, I took some home and made a few. Then, I kept making them. This exhibition includes a few of the earliest bookmarks made using that grey cardstock, but then shows how I was quickly inspired to branch out and explore other possibilities within this specific format, trying other kinds of paper, confetti and then later drawing on them.

These bookmarks are drawings and collages that are abstract in nature, double sided and laminated for durability. The drawn bookmarks are mostly made on Nepalese Lokta paper with a palette that I select at random from a can of assorted pens and markers. The collages are made with a variety of paper and plastic that is cut, hole punched, arranged and sometimes drawn on. They are inspired by my love for color, pattern, unexpected combinations, and my desire to find a use for scraps of paper that would otherwise be discarded.

Regarding these bookmarks, I draw inspiration from modern design including graphic and package design, computer graphics and screen savers, Japanese cartoons and the bag check cards at Trash & Vaudeville, patterns in nature, happenstance and my own inner workings.

I am glad to be bringing this exhibit to Montgomery County MD, as that is where the original inspiration came from.