Saltonstall Arts Colony

In terms of drawing, it's been a fruitful spring and summer. I had my very first residency this spring at the Saltonstall Art Colony in Ithaca, NY, a beautiful and peaceful place.

I LOVED having a large bright studio! There, I continued to work on two interrelated mandala series- the "geometric" and the "organic". Recent works from this (and last) year have finally been posted.

saltonstall studio

I even made some 3D mandalas for the open studio.

floor mandala

Several pieces from the Enantiodromia series and earlier works from the 2000's are now hanging on the walls of the office of Penn Plaza Dental Center, located at 2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY (212) 736-0670

What's next?
More drawings- larger mandalas, and I'm looking for places to show them. Also, I am looking into self-publishing a book of the Geometric Mandalas.